There are multiple print items that can benefit you with your event. Bring customized items like step and repeat banners, business cards, and a one-stop shop for your next event to grow your business with eye-catching printed items. Many of these items I will list below can encourage sales, attract customers to your event or festival, and grow your credibility. Here are 12 items you can get customized for your next event:

01 Step and repeat banner

A step and repeat banner are the backdrops that are used at events like the ones on red carpets. It shows your logo throughout the backdrop and might include the event name or purpose to be used in the background of photos. This is a great addition to have at your event to show through posts, what the event is and who planned it. This is a top way to get your business name out there because many will post and forget to tag your business, so these practically do it for the users.

02 Business cards

Bring high-quality eye-catching business cards to your event for guests interested in becoming a customer or wanting to learn more. You can have them at the entrance of your event or you or your employees can pass them out throughout the event. These can bring in new customers if they didn’t have a chance to get information from you directly. They can also bring customers if the person shows or gives a card to someone they think would be interested in your products or services.

03 Stickers

Pass out stickers at your event to surprise guests because everyone loves free stickers! It is a nice gesture to give them out at your event and may benefit you afterward. It may benefit you if that leads them to become a loyal customer, or sparks attention from a fellow friend, family, or member once they see it on the person’s water bottle or computer.

04 Pop sockets

Pop sockets are another item you can customize and hand out at your event. They are practical and cute so create one with an aesthetically pleasing design that also shows your business.

05 Laminated lanyard

You could get customized laminated lanyards for your event staff so people know who to ask for help. They can also have your employees’ names to spark conversation and encourage guests to speak to them. This is a great way to have an organized and stress-free event because issues can get resolved quickly and prevent any big problems or complaints.

06 Signs or posters

SIgns can have many uses for your event. They can be used to advertise the event beforehand, spread awareness, and get as many guests as possible to go. They can also be used to direct guests to the event and greet them. They can also be used inside the event depending on the type of event. If it is a convention it can be used to show where your booth is or show a map of the event. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, and come in different sizes to fit your event space perfectly. Check out your local Printing Services Pasadena to see different options.

07 Photo prints

You can print photos to show who you are as a business at the event, whether it be an event entirely run by you, you are a guest, or you are a guest and have a booth. To add a special handmade touch, you can make a collage for the entrance or any other area of your staff, products, events, or gatherings. Having an area of photos is a nice way to have a walk-through area where guests can look around and chat. These can also add a boost of color to your event.

08 Event tickets

Event tickets can be customized with your logo, and business name, and show your brand image. This is a nice touch and isn’t too time-consuming. This is another thing that can make your event more professional and show your business’ personality.

09 Flag Banners

Flag banners can be used to show the entrance of the event. They look nice with balloons and elevate the look of the entrance. They can also be used at different booths or areas in your events to let guests know where things are located. You can use it for all booths or just for one important one like an information booth.

10 Menus

If your event has different food options, you can get a menu printed and customize it. You can even make it personalized to your business look. This also makes your event more professional and impressive. You could even make menus for any of the food providers if you got a restaurant or truck. These could be customized to your theme and can have any customized food offerings if there are any.

11 Retractable banners

If you have recurring events or go to different conferences, this is a great option to order. Retractable banners are easy to pack up to continue using them multiple times. These can either show a certain text to show what is available at that spot, show full details about your business, or photos of your products. You can also reuse these at your office or store location to attract customers, and show what is inside.

12 Floor graphics

Floor graphics are a clever way of showing people where to step to get to a popular or important attraction at your event. You can also have a large one at the entrance to elevate your event and look more professional. These can be used at indoor and outdoor events.

All of these print items vary with events but can be catered to your business. The great thing about getting customized prints is that you can keep your entire event in one theme that goes with your business. If you are having a festival event with booths, many of these can be used to benefit you and get the most sales out of the event. A lot of these options may be for larger events, but you can check out Printing Services Pasadena to find more options that fit your event.